Základní článek Hnutí Brontosaurus Slunovrat
What is Slunovrat?
19.6.2007 Jaroslav Jarda Pilný

What is Slunovrat?

Slunovrat is one of basic units of the Brontosaurus movement. It is a non-govermental non-profit organisation dealing with volunteer work focused on helping nature and historic objects (castles, ruins, chateaus). It associates young people who are in humour for improving the environment and offers an alternative to the current trend of today’s consumer society.

An important element in this is education of participators and public about a tenable way of living.

At present Slunovrat operates predominantly in the Vysočina Region, the South Moravian Region and in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Our work

Our projects consist of three basic elements – useful work for helping nature and historic objects, education of participators and a quality program, full of unforgetable experiences.

During a year there is about fifteen weekend actions and several one-day meetings realized. Our summer activities are concentrated mainly on organizing of several summer camps where, except of an interesting work, also practical experience with protecting the environment is being developed.

Work for nature

Slunovrat is focused predominantly on direct help to nature. We operate in a whole range of protected landscape areas and help environmentalists in these localities. We also support bio-farmers, for we consider their work useful and considerate to the environment.

Work for historic objects

Our main area of interest among the historic objects is the Telč chateau. Here we organize traditional summer camps and weekend-actions.

Work for people

We are also trying to help people who are in need of it. Once a year we season lives of people living in the house for retired people in Opatov and Boskovice. We were helping with building of a leisure-time centre in Brno. Of course we were helping during the floods.

Slunovrat as a group of friends

Except of the fact that we see the world in a similar way and like helping the environment, we are a group of good friends. Together we oraganize many enterprises that make parts of our „relax-program“. Therefore you can see us flying kites, drinking cups of tea in tearooms, singing with the guitar,...We also like hiking so you can meet us hiking throughout the countryside.

Rise of Slunovrat

Slunovrat set in at the beginning of the year 2000 as a result of a need of uniting activities of several people under one organisation, that is associated with other basic units under the Brontosaurus movement. At present Slunovrat has over 60 members and hundreds of active participators and friends